Been making bunches of notes on a variety of topics not all of which will end up on the ll - but some of the definitely should be. I’m reorganizing the sphinx document tree so it’ll pull directly from the ll rst docs repo rather than the kludgy way I had it set up. That kludge and the pain assoicated with working through it is one of the main reasons there hasn’t been a lot of changes made over the past few months.

That said, the change log reflects everything in my docs git repo but not everything in there will be on the site. If something in the change log strikes some interest and it’s not on the site, let me know.


That took longer than expected. All data is now converted over to reST. I did toss a few items.. The netbackup stuff was just so far out of date and I never really liked netbackup anyway. I’m also adding a change log


While on a contract a few years back, a wise and venerable collegue (yes, he’s old) introduced me to Restructured Text (reST) which is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread. I started writing all my new docs in reST which resulted in a pretty heinous mess on the lessons learned. Some pages are original html, some are reST, some have dates on them, some don’t...

Time to get all that sorted.

Some searching about and I found a wiki (sphinx) that uses reST as its source. That’s also pretty flipping cool so I’m converting over whole hog now.

Part of this conversion is reorganizing the data. Crap that I haven’t touched in years will be moved to a historical section. AIX comes to mind. All those links are for AIX 4.X - I think it’s up to 7 now? Any rate, the usefulness of links that are literally 15 years out of date is questionable...

Hopefully, the end result of this is a much cleaner, more up to date lessons learned page. Apologies in advance if you linked directly to any page


There have been a rather large number of changes over the years since the last note. New contracts, new ISPs, definitely new lessons learned. This change is a big one, though. I’m trying to clean up the site by getting rid of invliad links, missing pages, and using a commercial web creation software. It’s a work in progress; however, hopefully, it’ll be easier to maintain in the long run.

Thanks for your time and thanks for visiting


Another hit from the AT&T purchase of MediaOne - I had to change my web hosting site for the relocation pages. I managed to update the old ones so, in case you came in that way, the new url is

I don’t know how long AT&T will keep the old pages up there. Since it’ll take work to remove them, hopefully, they’ll be there for awhile.



I’ve noticed quite a few hits on this site after only a couple of references on some of the newsgroups. I have to admit, I’m actually amazed at the number and source of some of these.

I hope you find something useful here. These are tips/tricks/suggestions that I’ve picked up over the years working on UNIX systems. The primary purpose was to document things that, for one reason or another, were hard for me to remember or were hard to find in the first place.

Please note that I’m working under two limitations. First, this web site is operating on a Linux box that’s connected to the net through MediaOne’s cable modem service. As such, I’m assigned a dynamic address so I may end up with a different one every time I boot my system. I have a cron job going which updates a few redirection web pages - one of which is the page on MediaOne’s server. So, if you’re going to bookmark anything, use that one. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that the IP address will be the same the next time you come around.

The other limitation is that I don’t have my own personal generator so if inclement weather should happen upon my poor system, I’ll have to shut it down. If you try the link and nothing happens, that’s probably what happened. Try again in a couple of hours - that or look on the Weather Channel for my area (Chicago). Failing the occasional weather, the system should be up all the time.

If you should find something that’s not accurate, please send me a note. Also, if you know of anything that should probably be included in this list, send it to me and I’ll stick it in there.

I’m hoping to get a search type functionality built into this thing pretty soon; however, I have a day job, so I’ll have to get to that when I can.

Thanks for visiting.

Doug O’Leary