RH/Centos sysctl parameter documentationΒΆ

Title:RH/Centos sysctl parameter documentation
Author:Douglas O’Leary <dkoleary@olearycomputers.com>
Description:Where to find documentation for rhel/centos kernel parms
Date created:04/2014
Date updated:04/2014
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

I spent what felt like a long time trying to find documentaiton on the net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout parameter. It’s easy enough to change it; but, finding out what things it might affect - not so much.

Turns out, there are a couple of options. First and best is to install kernel-doc rpm then examine the files under /usr/share/doc/kernel-doc#/Documentation. To find the specific file that had the info, I ran a simple find:

# find . -name \*.txt | xargs -i grep -<li> tcp_fin_timeout {}

If, for whatever reason, you can’t install that rpm, a google search for your kernel rev should help. Specific to ip-sysctl.txt, the url below has an extensive list of kernel versions: