Veritas: Creating new disk groupsΒΆ

Title:Veritas: Creating new disk groups
Author:Douglas O’Leary <>
Description:Veritas: Creating new disk groups
Date created:08/2008
Date updated:09/2009
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

To create a new disk group under Veritas, you can either:

  1. Create a new disk group via the /usr/bin/vxdiskadd utility when adding disks to Veritas control


  1. Run the following commands:

    vxdisksetup -i c#t#d# [privlen=10240] # add disk to vxvm
    vxdg init ${Group} ${disk}=c#t#d#
    vxdg -g ${Group} adddisk ${disk}+1=c#t#d# # iterate foreach disk

For example, to create a new disk group, doug, and add three disks to it:

for disk in c3t0d0 c3t0d1 c3t0d2
   vxdisksetup -i ${disk} # Uses default private area length

vxdg init doug doug01=c3t0d0
for x in 1 2
   vxdg -g doug adddisk doug0${y}=c3t0d${x}