Veritas: Adding disks to Veritas ManagementΒΆ

Title:Veritas: Adding disks to Veritas Management
Author:Douglas O’Leary <>
Description:Veritas: Adding disks to Veritas Management
Date created:08/2008
Date updated:09/2009
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

To add disks to Veritas management, do the following:

vxdisksetup -i c#t#d# [privlen=10240]

This initializes a disk and sets it up under Veritas control but doesn’t assign it to a disk group. If you want to set up a specific private area length, enter it as a number after privlen. The example shows the largest allowable private area length.

Note that this process is for new disks or disks that contain data that you don’t care about. It does not encapsulate any data.