Oracle: General backup strategies:ΒΆ

Title:Oracle: General backup strategies:
Author:Douglas O’Leary <>
Description:Oracle: General backup strategies:
Date created:07/20/2010
Date updated:07/20/2010
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

Regardless of rman usage, backing up and restoring oracle databases follows the general strategies below. Rman hides a lot of the details so scripting generation and maintenance is easier as you don’t have to update scripts if you add tablespaces or datafiles. It does, however, follow these same strategies.

I’m not sure of the organization of this information yet - it doesn’t seem to be falling into a good pattern for me - but I’ll keep working it.

  • Backup:
    • Offline physical backup in noarchivelog mode
      • Pros/cons of archivelogmode. No point in time recovery, no partial recovery
      • Checklist
    • Offline physical backup in archivelog mode.
      • Easier recovery process. Some dbas insist on periodic cold backups
      • Checklist
    • Online backup w/o rman
      • In use by some applications like SAP that don’t use rman
      • Checklist
  • Recovery
    • Noarchivelog mode full recovery
      • Full recovery is the only possibility.
      • Recover datafiles, control files, and redo logs, then start the database.
    • Archivelog mode full recovery
      • Requires all archive log files be present and uncorrupted.
      • Checklist
    • Archivelog tablespace and datafile recovery
      • Recovers corrupted datafiles and/or tablespaces
      • Checklist
    • Archivelog point in time recovery
      • “I want to recover this database to X point in time”
      • Checklist