EMC: SRDF operationsΒΆ

Title:EMC: SRDF operations
Author:Douglas O’Leary <dkoleary@olearycomputers.com>
Description:EMC: SRDF operations
Date created:06/2001
Date updated:07/2005
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...
  • Composite SRDF commands

    • Failover:
      • Actions:
        • Write disables (WD) R1
        • Sets link to Not Ready (NR)
        • Write enables R2
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} failover
    • Update: Helps to speed up the failback operation by copying invalid tracks before write disabling any disks.
      • Actions:
        • Leaves service state as is.
        • Merges the tracks
        • Copies invalid tracks
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} update
    • Failback:
      • Actions:
        • Write disables R2
        • Suspends RDF link
        • Merges the disk tracks.
        • Resumes the link
        • Write enables R1
        • Copies the changed data
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} failback
    • Split: Leaves both R1 & R2 in write enabled state.
      • Actions:
        • Suspends the rdf link.
        • Write enables R2
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} split
    • Establish:
      • Actions:
        • Write disables R2
        • Suspends the rdf link
        • Copies data from R1 to R2
        • Resumes the rdf link.
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} [ -full ] establish
    • Restore: Copies data from R2 to R1
      • Actions:
        • Write disables both R1 & R2
        • Suspends the rdf link.
        • Merges the track tables
        • Resumes the rdf link.
        • Write enables R1
      • Command: symrdf -g ${group} [ -full ] restore
  • Singular SRDF commands

    • Suspend: symrdf -g ${group} suspend

    • Resume: symrdf -g ${group} resume

    • Set mode:

      symrdf -g ${group} set mode sync
      symrdf -g ${group} set domino on
      symrdf -g ${group} set acp_disk skew 1000