EMC: Control Center password locationsΒΆ

Title:EMC: Control Center password locations
Author:Douglas O’Leary <dkoleary@olearycomputers.com>
Description:Where’s the password for control center?
Date created:06/2001
Date updated:07/2005
Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

Although this hasn’t happened to me - yet - similar things have. You’re brought into a new company to replace a system admin who’s long gone. They enjoy the use of the EMC Control Center product suite and the previous admin, being a security conscious fellow, password protected all the products. He neglected to leave the passwords anywhere when being frog-marched out the door. What to do?

Encrypted passwords are hiding in:

  • UNIX: /usr/emc/ECC/data/swdata/symmWin.passwd
  • NT: ${CC_HOME}/swdata/SymmWin.gtr

Simply delete the passwords; reenter new ones when entering the specific product. AND neglect to document them anywhere so the poor schmuck that replaces you has to do the same thing...