AIX: System Resource Controller (SRC)

Title:AIX: System Resource Controller (SRC)
Author:Douglas O’Leary <>
Description:Overview of SRC on AIX
Date created:
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Disclaimer:Standard: Use the information that follows at your own risk. If you screw up a system, don’t blame it on me...

System Resource Controller (SRC) is something that has bit me in the past, particularly when adding inet services. According to the training manual, its primary purpose is to minimize operator intervention in controlling subsystem processes by providing:

  • Consistent user interface for start, stop, and status queries
  • Logging of abnormal termination of subsystems.
  • Tracing of a subsystem, a group of subsystems, or a subserver.
  • Support for control of operations on a remote system.
  • Refreshing of a subsystem

There are a number of commands of note:

  • startsrc: Starts a service.
  • stopsrc: Stops a service.
  • refresh: Refreshes (SIGHUP) a service.
  • lssrc: Lists resources and attributes of services.
  • chsys: Changes a service.
  • rmsys: Removes a service.
  • mksys: Creates a services.

lssrc will prove useful in identifying the various subsystems that need to be managed via the SRC

As noted in the adding inet services rant, not following these directions will prevent the subsystem from operating the way you’re expecting it to.

To identify what systems are under SRC control, execute the following:

# lssrc -a
Subsystem         Group            PID     Status
 syslogd          ras              3710    active
 portmap          portmap          5186    active
 inetd            tcpip            4660    active
 snmpd            tcpip            7482    active
 dpid2            tcpip            7998    active
 ypbind           yp               9550    active
 biod             nfs              10066   active
 rpc.lockd        nfs              10328   active
 qdaemon          spooler          7230    active
 tftpd            tcpip            7744    active
 writesrv         spooler          8814    active
 nfsd             nfs              16710   active
 rpc.mountd       nfs              22802   active